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April 9, 2009

Venezuelan Opposition Fancies Itself above Due Process of Law

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The corruption charges against opposition leaders Manuel Rosales and Raul Baduel are the subject of an AP article today that features numerous claims by critics of the government, who say the opposition faces repression. Meanwhile, a pro-Chavez lawmaker is quoted as saying: ”There’s a completely irrational segment of the opposition, which labels as unconstitutional any initiative by the government — and any decision by authorities to fight against corruption.”

The Economist characteristically eschews the government’s perspective entirely, and evokes violent imagery to suggest that the government is “picking off opponents one by one.” Essential details are left out, such as the fact that, in the case of Rosales, the courts have not yet decided on whether the charges have legal merit. Meanwhile, Baduel has failed seven times to appear in court after having been summoned to testify about the disappearance of over $14 million during his tenure as defense minister.

India’s state-owned oil company ONGC and several private firms from India plan to jointly bid for a partnership in developing three oil blocks in Venezuela. The blocks could produce 200,000 to 400,000 barrels of oil per day, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A “new world order” is emerging, President Chavez told reporters while in China, noting Beijing’s increasing importance on the world stage. Bloomberg reported that an unnamed executive at PetroChina said the company may form three oil ventures with Venezuela, including the construction of refineries in China capable of handling Venezuelan crude.

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