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March 9, 2009

Venezuela Holds Seminars to Celebrate International Women’s Day

“I am not going to let anyone disrespect Venezuela’s sovereignty for anything in the world,” President Chavez said yesterday in response to comments by Colombia’s defense minister suggesting he would pursue so-called “terrorist” groups like the FARC beyond Colombia’s borders. The BBC reports that President Uribe “distanced himself from the defense minister’s remarks – calling them out of place and imprudent.” Meanwhile, according to AFP, Chavez spoke with Uribe “to confirm that we do not want conflicts with Colombia.”

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. IPS reported on the situation of women in Venezuela, where seminars were held to commemorate the day and raise awareness about services available to those facing domestic violence. These include the shelter known as Negra Hipolita and a 24-hour helpline set up by the National Institute for Women. IPS reports that more work is needed to enforce the 2007 Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free from Violence.

In economic news, Bloomberg reports that President Chavez may meet with the billionaire president of Empresas Polar, the beer and foodstuffs company that could face expropriation for violating price controls.

Oil prices will eventually rise again, according to Venezuelan Finance Minister Ali Rodriguez, who said the market should rebound after this year. OPEC meets this month to debate further production cuts to stabilize prices, according to Bloomberg.

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