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September 9, 2008

Venezuela Says OPEC Oil Output OK

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OPEC leaders agreed today to keep oil output levels steady, according to the Dow Jones. Venezuelan Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said current levels are “sufficient,” and suggested: “Maybe we could arrive at an equilibrium at a price close to $100 a barrel.”

After yesterday’s news that Russia and Venezuela will pursue joint naval exercises, sources report that the maneuvers will include Russian long-range patrol planes. However, Russian leaders sustain that the exercises will in no way affect any third country. U.S. officials also appear unconcerned. “We exercise all around the globe and have joint exercises with countries all over the world. So do many other nations,” a Pentagon official told AFP. Indeed, Venezuela and the Netherlands were conducting joint naval exercises just last weekend to improve strategies for fighting drug smuggling.

A trial began today in Florida regarding an alleged corruption scandal involving Venezuela in which five men are accused by the U.S. government of acting as unregistered foreign agents. The New York Times reports that a lawyer for one of the men stated in court that “U.S. officials pursued the case to try to embarrass the Chavez government.” The allegations have been consistently denied by leaders in Venezuela and Argentina (also accused) and are seen as fabricated.

Finally, the AP reports that the Transportation Securities Administration (TSA) has been unable to convince its Venezuelan counterparts to allow them to inspect all planes under new guidelines it imposed on countries after 9/11. Travelers will receive an advisory stating that “the U.S. cannot vouch for the security of those flights.”


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