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August 15, 2008

Notorious Americas Terrorist Faces Trial for… Immigration Fraud?

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Luis Posada Carriles, the notorious bomber that has been called the worst terrorist in the Americas, will finally face a trial in the U.S. — but only for immigration fraud. A New Orleans court of appeals ruled yesterday that his earlier dismissal was unlawful. The Los Angeles Times reports that yesterday’s decision “was expected to take the pressure off the Bush administration to respond to Venezuela’s demands that Posada, who lives in Miami, be extradited to face trial.” Venezuela’s extradition requests for Posada Carriles have gone ignored for over 2 years despite binding treaties that exist between the countries.

In Venezuela, unemployment has fallen yet again. Dow Jones newswires reports that joblessness is down one and a half percentage points over last year to reach 7.2%. The rise illustrates a boost in formal sector employment and a decline in informal sector activity.

A new law approved yesterday by Venezuela’s National Assembly is designed to crack down on kidnapping. According to the BBC, this is the first time that Venezuelan law has made specific reference to the crime, which has risen in recent years but may already be declining. Official figures show less kidnappings occurred in the first part of this year than in the same period last year. The new legislation gives kidnappers a penalty of 30 years in jail. This is one of several government initiatives to fight crime.

Finally, the AP reports that a Jewish organization known as the Wiesenthal Center has issued a stiff warning to President Chavez after he met with Jewish leaders in Venezuela to dispell unfounded claims that he is anti-Semitic. The Center said it expects more action. The allegations of anti-Semitism against Chavez have persisted in the media despite their lack of validity.

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