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July 29, 2008

566 Million Approved for Infrastructure Projects

The Concord Monitor reports on a recent decision by New Hampshire politicians to participate in Citgo’s discounted heating oil program, after initially declining the program a few years ago. Senator John Sununu plans to help publicize the aid and get fuel dealers enrolled in the program. The Monitor comments that the lack of adequate fuel aid to the poor by the US government is disturbing and that those who protest the program should hold all citizens, not just the neediest, up to the same standards. Venezuela supplies roughly 15 percent of U.S. oil imports: this includes 10 percent of all gasoline used in the US and a good amount of heating oil used in New England.

The construction of new infrastructure projects and the funds that will enable them were approved by President Chavez on his Sunday talk show. The new projects are part of a nation-wide transportation system being constructed to connect various cities through rail, subway and even cable car transportation, reports A total of $566 million will be allotted to these efforts and will focus on securing contracts with companies that enable technology transfers. “What I am saying is this: foreign companies that don’t want to transfer technology, okay, then there’s no contract for them. Let’s bring other companies that will [transfer the technology]. We have all the raw materials here to produce them.” said the President.

According to the Associated Press, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has instructed his government “to diligently advance in terms of integration and the bilateral agenda with Venezuela.” And that they should use “discreet wording” in all efforts related to Venezuela. A letter by President Chavez to a Cuban newspaper was published this week commenting on the US and international media’s efforts to return to a cold war mentality with Russia and Venezuela. In other international news, in Santiago at a conference on human rights, Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archive said that his organization had obtained documents “showing that the US, its intelligence service and its government were aware of the coup well ahead of it.” He also stated that he had no doubt that the US was involved in the coup against President Chavez in 2002, reports El Universal.


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