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July 2, 2008

Panama May Extradite Terrorist Posada Carriles from U.S.

Panama may seek to extradite terrorist Luis Posada Carriles from the U.S. after an earlier pardon was reversed on Tuesday, according to the AP. Posada Carriles is wanted in Venezuela for an airliner bombing that killed 76 people, among other acts, but extradition requests have been ignored for years despite treaties that require action. Charges of immigration fraud against the Cuban-born Venezuelan citizen were dropped last year by a U.S. judge. The hemisphere’s most notorious criminal has for some time been living freely in Miami.

A meeting of the Mercosur trade group concluded yesterday in Argentina. According to the AP, President Chavez made several proposals, including the creation of an organization for Latin American oil and gas exporters and a food security initiative. He also criticized the re-installment of a U.S. Naval fleet in Latin America. The AFP reports that a declaration condemning EU anti-immigrant legislation was signed by leaders from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

In economic news, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA, is facing a strike by 4,000 workers over the terms of new joint ventures in the Orinoco River region. The company has not fully complied with the nationalization order yet, according to Bloomberg. Compensation talks on the state’s purchase of large cement producers are concluding.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Republicans continue to push a trade deal with Colombia, this time in a visit by presumptive presidential nominee John McCain. According to the New York Times, McCain also asked Colombia’s President Uribe – whose war on guerrillas is funded by the U.S. – to improve his human rights record.


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