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June 20, 2008

Venezuelan Official: ‘No Terrorists Here’

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“There are no terrorists here,” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said yesterday in response to U.S. allegations that two Lebanese-born citizens had ties to Hezbollah. The AP reports that the two accused men also publicly denied the charges that led the U.S. Treasury Department to freeze their assets on Wednesday.

After anti-immigration legislation was passed in the European Union yesterday, President Chavez suggested that countries that adopt the new rules could risk losing Venezuelan oil supplies. The AFP reports that the measures crack down on immigrants, detaining them for up to 18 months before deportation. President Morales of Bolivia — the poorest country in South America — also came out against the anti-immigrant laws in an op-ed in the Guardian. Morales writes: “If the return directive becomes law, we will not be morally able to deepen negotiations with the EU.” About half a million illegal immigrants enter the EU each year.

Also in economic news, President Chavez proposed an oil deal with Paraguay yesterday in a meeting with incoming President Fernando Lugo. The AP reports that Venezuela is prepared to supply enough oil to cover Paraguay’s domestic market. In Venezuela, the nationalization of the cement industry took effect yesterday. According to the AP, the state is negotiating the terms of its purchase of a 60% share in three major cement companies. Private firms will remain as minority players.

Finally, debates surrounding Venezuela’s economic policies are taken up in Foreign Affairs Magazine. Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.S. Bernardo Alvarez defends social programs that have helped alleviate poverty under President Chavez. He writes that programs in health, education, and other key areas “helped redistribute the gains of Venezuela’s record economic growth. Unemployment is down, employment in the formal sector is up, and the minimum wage has increased notably. More important, income has grown fastest for Venezuela’s poorest.”


  1. The US gov. is a terrorist org…. HezbAllah, is a grass roots relief org, what are they to do, stand down? What if the US attacked Venezuela, would they not resist in fear of outside labels? Somebody comes for me an mine, as a Patriotic American, I would resist…say Canadian Army was trying to “free” us by killing my countrymen, I would be an Anti-Canadian Army Terrorist. Like that. Before we go labeling people, look at who feeds,defends,gives medical help, and rebuilds for the poor and war afflicted in S. Leb. And then lets look at whom kills them.

    Now, all aside, this does not mean the Men in Question had Hez. contacts, or not. Your baker in Beirut may be Hez. and come out when needed (like say a red cross Volunteer in the US… ). Does the mean the Buyer of bread is Guilty of “having Terrorist Ties”? This is all so stupid.

    Now, I know as an American, Especially writing here, am monitored by those disrespecting my Freedoms. I have decided not to let fear become a factor in My Life. I am a fan of ole Hugo, myself and have much respect for The Peoples of Lebanon and all places that stand up for Justice, and care for the Least of Thee.


    Comment by Tyler — June 26, 2008 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

  2. “Now, I know as an American, Especially writing here, am monitored by those disrespecting my Freedoms.”

    That is doubtful. You are probably exaggerating your importance.

    Comment by ConsDemo — June 26, 2008 @ 9:03 pm | Reply

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